Buyer Services

Blue Ridge Brokerage will assist you in each phase of buying a business.

Search Businesses for Sale

Blue Ridge Brokerage focuses on businesses with revenues between $500,000 and $15,000,000 across all industries.

Complete an NDA

When a Buyer is interested in learning more about a business, he/she must fill out a non-disclosure agreement. By signing a NDA, a Buyer is agreeing to maintain confidentiality in regards to any non-public information related to a particular business.

Ownership Considerations

When considering buying a business, understanding the legal structure of the NewCo something to discuss with an Attorney and all relevant parties of NewCo ownership.

Financing Considerations

Blue Ridge Brokerage brings experience in identifying various financing alternatives er for a specific transaction as part of the process in making an offer.

Make an Offer

Blue Ridge Brokerage can guide you on making an offer.