Financing Considerations

Financing Structure

Blue Ridge Brokerage brings experience in identifying various financing alternatives for a specific transaction as part of the process in making an offer.

Cash Buyer

If a priority to a Buyer and Seller is a quick close, then buying a business without financing is the most efficient.  It requires much less documentation and third party involvement.

Financing the Purchase

Most Buyers seek to leverage the purchase. BRB encourages a Buyer to work directly with a lending expert for feedback on financing options. BRB also suggests that a Buyer seeks advice from their Financial Advisor to help assess their buying power and impact based on current market conditions.

SBA Loans

While SBA loans provide a low upfront money down (10%), there is a lot of due diligence involved both on the Buyers’ personal financial profile and the target business.  Encourage Buyers to get Pre-approved for a SBA prior to searching for a business to buy.

Making an Offer

Blue Ridge Brokerage can help guide you on the process to make an offer.  There are many different forms that can be used. Which form used is based on buying a business with a lease, or a business with real estate, size of business, etc.