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Blue Ridge Brokerage uses several methodologies to determine the optimum value for a business.  We walk our Clients through the process to ensure there is an understanding and agreement.  We respect that most of our clients are the Founders of the business, and we want to deliver a value that they’ve worked hard to achieve; while one that we feel will get the business sold within the desired timeframe.


There are many variables that go into determining what a business is worth.  Some are as follows: Financial Performance and Outlook, Industry, Market-Share, Competitive Landscape, Global Market Dynamics, RE Owned or Leased.

Experienced Team

Blue Ridge Brokerage has 25 years of experience in business and real estate brokerage.  We focus on businesses between $500 thousand and $15 million in revenue.  We sell businesses across all industries and have established a strong track record for meeting the objectives of our Clients.

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