Seller Services

Blue Ridge Brokerage will assist you in each phase of selling your business.

Get a Valuation

We respect that most of our clients are the Founders of the business, and we want to deliver a value that they’ve worked hard to achieve; while one that we feel will get the business sold within the desired timeframe.

Preparing Your Business to Sell

Preparing Your Business To Sell is paramount to maximizing its overall value, and Blue Ridge Brokerage is here to guide you.

Market the Business

Blue Ridge Brokerage utilizes many avenues to align Buyers to Sellers.  We take a proactive approach and operate with a sense of urgency.

Secure a Buyer

A Buyer will further their due diligence once under contract. This will require varying levels of additional discussions, information requested and documentation.  We will be with you along the way to facilitate and help manage the process.

Business Sold

Blue Ridge Brokerage will continue to work for you to Closing of the transaction. We want to work in a way where we build a trusting relationship that will last well beyond any transaction.